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Banana Bunch

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Amazon Item Weight 32 Ounces
Brand Dole
Specialty Vegan
Package Weight 0.91 Kilograms
Number of Pieces 1
Bunch of Bananas
Good Source of Vitamin B-6 and Potassium
Keep bananas at a cool room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight
Dole Bananas, 2 lb Bag
Good Source of Fiber 11%, which helps support heart health.
Excellent source of B6 25%, which supports energy metabolism.
Good source of vitamin C 10%, which supports a healthy immune system.
Nutritional Information
Bananas are a delicious choice for snacking, baking and cooking, Plus they include Vitamin B6 Potassium, Fiber, and Vitamin C - nutrients that help promote heart health.
Product Description Characterized by their bright yellow color and sweet taste, bananas are the ideal fruit for snacks and sports activities.

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