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Smartwater alkaline with antioxidant 1L 6pk

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Amazon Brand smartwater
Flavor Unflavored
Package Information Bottle
Item Volume 1 Liters
Unit Count 202.88 Fl Oz
Alkaline 9.5+pH ionized water with antioxidant from selenium
Vapor-distilled with electrolytes for taste
Recyclable water bottle
Perfect for on-the-go
The same crisp, clean taste of smartwater that you love
how smartwater happens.

vapor distillation the water is vaporized through heat, leaving behind contaminants, then cooled to condense.
water purification
the vapor-distilled water then undergoes our proprietary filtration process, introducing a second level of purification.

added electrolytes ionized minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium are added to create our distinctly fresh, crips taste.
Product Description elevate how you hydrate with the new smartwater alkaline with antioxidant! smartwater continues to keep it smart by bringing you hydration that’s ready for action. smartwater alkaline with antioxidant is everything you love about vapor-distilled smartwater but made to fit your active lifestyle with ionized 9.5+ph and added antioxidant from selenium. it’s crisp, clean taste is perfect for when you’re staying hydrated on the go, getting a strong workout in, or rehydrating before bed. hydrate with what you need – nothing more, nothing less. smartwater alkaline with antioxidant for your active health hydration. find smartwater alkaline with antioxidant at your favorite stores next to the other smartwater products. look for the black cap, smartwater drop, “+” signs on the front of our iconic bottles, now in a variety of sizes to better meet your needs (1l, 1.5l, 700ml sport caps, 20 oz, and in 1l multipack). collect them all in addition to our classic blue drop bottles and smartwater flavors.

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